“We've all seen countless trumpet players distracted by the "approach of the month" mindset. Always searching for the magic pill to cure the ills of their trumpet playing. John's teaching comes as close to this illusive quest as anything I've encountered. Its not magic though, its just good old fashioned fundamental trumpet playing combined with the most effective, positive habits that a player can commit to.

John's students almost immediately gain a completely new sound concept, and a way to use their air. The results have been remarkable. His students find a way to express themselves beyond the old limitations of endurance and range that defined their playing just weeks before. John's teaching can help a student get beyond the negative expectations they have been conditioned to accept. If a student is truly serious, John will show them a sound they never dreamed they could or would make. He has my highest recommendation, and my thanks for the positive impact he has had on my playing and musicianship.”

Scott Rutledge, Master Educator, Free Lance Trumpet, Rome N.Y.

"John Piazza is one of the finest trumpet players and teachers that I know. John's "sound instruction" is based on modeling a beautiful sound for young students, and is a highly effective method of trumpet instruction. He is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher and musician, and I recommend him highly."

Dr. Todd Kelly, Associate Professor of Music, Instructor of Trumpet, Bradley University

“John Piazza has been the most influential trumpet teacher, and now friend, that I have ever worked with. His method of teaching sound production is unmatched in the Central New York area. My studies with John has been over the last 8 years. During that time I have earned 3 degree's in music. Through John I have been afforded the opportunity to gain professional experience as a lead trumpet player for Carnival Cruise Lines. I am now choosing which school I would like to attend for a trumpet performance masters degree. Though I have studied with some tremendous trumpeters such as George Rabbai, Bob Early, Dr. Byran Applebye-Wineberg, Lew Soloff, and Dan Sapocetti, the implementation of his teaching has made me the musician I am today.”

Dorian Mohar, Lead Trumpet, Carnival Cruise Lines, San Pedro, CA

After playing trumpet for 8 years in grade school, 5 years in college pursuing a music degree, and getting fired from my first professional gig, I spent 3 months sitting beside John on my 2nd gig listening to his sound. After a couple of lessons with John I continued on for the last 11 years with the same company, and was quickly promoted to Musical Director. Recently during a slump, I flew in to spend a weekend with John, and once again he turned my playing completely around. We didn’t even spend a lot of time one on one; I actually sat in on a few lessons with beginning trumpet players. John’s focus on consistent full sound production has been the key to my success, and I would not be a working musician today without his help. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, John’s approach will benefit you.”

Larry Burroughs, Senior Musical Director/ Lead Trumpet, Carnival Cruise Lines, Civitavecchia, Italy

"John Piazza is an excellent musician, trumpet player and teacher. I have known him for 13 years. He has a thorough understanding of music and especially the fundamentals of trumpet playing. In addition, he has a gift for communicating with people and inspiring them to improve as musicians. John is a great teacher because he has what I think are the two most important elements in teaching music. He really knows the subject and more importantly, he listens to the student and knows how to give constructive criticism with a positive, encouraging attitude."

Roger Lent, Free Lance Trumpet & Pianist, New York, N.Y.

"The fusion flame was alive and flourishing in trumpeter John Piazza’s playing the first time I heard him. What kind of fusion, one might ask, since jazz has been fusing in all kinds of directions in the last few decades? for Piazza, the answer is: whatever musical connection appeals to him at any given moment.

I first met Piazza whose career encompasses a sequence of musical direction reaching from a vast diversity in style and execution aboard Carnivals premier vessel the Conquest.  It had become eminently apparent that John Piazza is the most consistently scintillating and inspiring trumpet player and leader and educating force in the many genre he lends himself. The multi-talented Director brings a muscular yet lyrical eloquence to everything he lends his artistry, always delivering galvanizing and forceful work, digging deeper into improvising while bringing a crackling vibrancy to his performances. Piazzas' music is roll up your sleeves, in your face, hard bop blowing of rippling melodic song. His playing is different, edgier, more thought provoking that the usual jazz fare. He gives more.

Most of my time spent with John was highly effective and responsive to improving my areas of weakness in my own brass playing. He shared a collection of material that aptly combines the jazz, classical, blues, funk, rock and groove aspects that are essential to an aspiring professional style. The resulting high-voltage mentoring offered a virtually non-stop stream of big full sound, all of it state-of-the-art contemporary uniqueness that no other teacher or leader or musical director has contributed to my benefit and growth in so many ways! I cannot Thank you enough for all you have done!!!"

Michael Matson, Free Lance Lead Trumpet, Los Angeles, CA

"I have known John Piazza since he first started playing the trumpet.  We played in our high school band together.  From then, you could see how gifted john was. He always possessed a beautiful tone and quickly acquired the necessary skills to develop into the amazing trumpet player he is today.  Not only can he teach the rudiments, but he will help you become the type of trumpet player you dream of becoming.  He demistifies the language of jazz.  He has turned my playing around, and in only a few lessons.  John is a true mentor.  He explains "how" to play the trumpet better than anybody.  John lives the life, believes in the music and he believes in his students. John is cool, he is the real deal."

Dr. Garth J. Garramone, Gastroenterologist, Utica, NY